To whom it may concern:

I consider myself a curious and empathetic product builder with strong communication skills. My passion is to build and launch products people need to solve a problem.

My career path is not a traditional one. I have an undergrad Industrial Engineering degree and 3 years of experience as an engineer at Verizon Communications. I was chosen to be part of the very first company-wide Verizon Engineering Leadership Development Program. All of my roles at Verizon involved working directly with ​small to large B2B customers​ along with vendor management. I left the company due to family concerns. I used that time to learn how to pursue consumer-driven projects by teaching myself how to make Android apps using Java. After this, I completed my full-time MBA degree at the University of Iowa where I honed my marketing and analytics skill with the goal of creating my own products.

After an educational trip to Vietnam as part of my MBA program, I was intrigued by the rapid economic development and spirit of international entrepreneurship I witnessed in Ho Chi Minh City. I moved to Vietnam temporarily to immerse myself in a new culture and community filled with fellow product development enthusiasts before dedicating my attention to a full-time role. There I networked with entrepreneurs, developers, and product managers while pursuing my own self-studies in building ​consumer applications. ​One of my primary focuses was developing and deploying ​Delightful,​ a phone app designed to promote gratitude and good mental health. Building Delightful allowed me the exposure and ability to ​talk with users around the world. The app has been translated into five languages, increasing its global reach. I also allowed myself to ​experiment ​with many other products such as a Facebook chatbot and an Android app utilizing Firebase Firestore.

I went back to the US after a year in Vietnam and worked as an Android developer for the Edtech company Edmodo in San Mateo, CA. As a ​self-taught developer​ this was a huge accomplishment that afforded me the opportunity to collaborate with engineers, designers, and product managers to build and improve a ​fully scaled product​. I was in charge of release management for the two Edmodo Android apps with ​millions​ of users.

I returned to Vietnam in 2019 for personal reasons and used the time to further explore new and existing projects. After initial ​customer discovery​, a friend and I started work on a new fintech app for tracking savings goals called Relish Money. Before finishing our minimum viable product, we identified an untapped local opportunity in Vietnam and ​pivoted​ our focus to helping Vietnamese developers find jobs and collaborate more with each other. I taught myself ReactJS and NodeJS along with DevOps work to launch the alpha MVP of ​Vina.Dev​. Unfortunately, we ceased further development due to Covid-19 related setbacks. But from this experience, I gained deep insight into the Vietnamese market and how to think about global growth opportunities. I went on to create an open-source project ​​ to highlight tech companies in Vietnam.

My goal is to be part of a team that appreciates my curiosity and diverse career path and allows me to bring my full self to whatever projects I take on within the company.

I look forward to hearing from you!


René I. DeAnda