I don't remember writing too many cover letters in my career. I believe I had a generic cover letter when I was applying for MBA internships 4 years back but it was really a drag to do with poor response rates. My career path is a bit strange so I've been really terrible at articulating my background especially as a self-taught developer with business interests. The following is my first attempt to write my first dev cover letter & tell a brief story of my career path. Any feedback is welcome.

To whom it may concern:
I am a curious business-minded engineer. My passion is to build things people need and help others. I am applying to this position because I believe in the company’s mission and know I would be a strong addition to your team.
My career path is not a traditional one. I have an undergrad Industrial Engineering degree and 3 years of experience as a telecom engineer at Verizon after finishing my Bachelor’s degree. I was chosen to be part of the very first companywide Verizon Engineering Leadership Development Program. I left the company due to family concerns and then went on to teach myself how to make Android apps in Java before going back to school for my Marketing MBA degree.
After a trip abroad to Vietnam for school, I decided that I had to live abroad in Vietnam before dedicating my attention to a full-time role. While in Vietnam, I fell back into working on my own app (DelightfulJounal.com) & loved learning while talking to users around the world. I went back to the US after a year in Vietnam and went on to work as an Android developer for the Edtech company Edmodo in San Mateo, CA.
A year after leaving Vietnam, I returned to be with my girlfriend, now wife. I have continued learning and building with the intention to help others. I taught myself ReactJS and some NodeJS along with DevOps work to launch a site to help developers (Vina.Dev).
I have an endless curiosity and insatiable desire to learn. I love writing, reading, & photography. I believe these 3 things makes me a better developer & marketer by expanding my knowledge & creativity.
My goal is to be part of a team that appreciates my diverse career path and allows me to bring my full self to whatever projects I take on within the company.
I look forward to hearing from you more about this opportunity!
René I. DeAnda

Thanks for reading!

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