Warren Buffett truly embodies emotional intelligence and empathy. In April 2017, my MBA program at the University of Iowa gave me the opportunity to spend time with Warren Buffett in Omaha, Nebraska along with my classmates and students from a few other colleges. Given his business track record, he commands a level of respect from everyone just by walking in the room but he is so much more than that. He doesn’t talk like a billionaire, he talks like a human. He’s a guy who can make you laugh from his self-deprecating humor, make you smile with his amazing stories, and make you feel like taking action after getting a look into how he thinks and functions.

I will share a few quotes I jotted down in my notebook while listening to him speak:

  1. “Marry someone better with low expectations.” 😄
  2. “Have the right heroes to look up to.”
  3. “Associate with people better than you are.”
  4. “Find someone who believes in you.”
  5. “Be there for others.”
  6. “Don’t keep score with people you love.”
  7. “Love is expandable not a set amount.”
  8. “To be loved you have to be lovable.”
  9. “Find the job you want to hold when you don’t need that job.”
  10. “Know your circle of competence and grow it over time.”

Also, if you’re interested in finance he said if you read anything just read chapter 8 of The Intelligent Investor.

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