I recently stumbled on a Facebook Group post which led me to a list of the top 500 websites in Vietnam. I can't confirm the datasources for the list but from my time living in Vietnam, reading articles from Vietnamese sources, and also visiting most of the 500 websites myself for this research I believe it to be a fairly accurate list.

I went down this rabbit hole because I find marketing & branding in Vietnam to be very fascinating and I also have a mild obsession with domain names. My goal for this was to understand which TLDs are used most for top websites in Vietnam.

Some relevant domain name terminology:

TLD = top level domain (This is the end of a domain name - For example, in the domain name www.example.com, the top-level domain is .com.)
ccTLD = country-code top-level domains: Two-letter domains established for countries or territories. (For example the ccTLD for the domain name of this blog is .io - the ccTLD for the British Indian Ocean Territory & .vn is the ccTLD for Vietnam)

I took the effort to put the list of the 500 domains into a Google Sheet & then proceeded to tweak the data to get the TLD of all the domain names. Here are the results:

Vietnam TLD (top level domain) Usage
Vietnam TLD Usage

One can see by an overwhelming amount that the .vn domain name is the most used TLD by top Vietnam sites at 46% of the TLDs. Next is .com with 25% of TLDs used, it is still the preferred TLD in the world & most appropriate for any company that aspires to reach an audience beyond the Vietnam market.

As Vietnam gears up to be a more digital society by 2030, I hope this quick TLD analysis helps budding entrepreneurs when thinking about their branding and company names. My advice on domains for Vietnamese startups is to pick a domain name with a .com ending if you have ambitions beyond the Vietnam market but also have the matching .vn domain name if a large number of your early customers/users are in Vietnam.

One last thought, if most of your users aren't finding you through a website but instead a mobile app you can also explore other TLDs such as .io, .me, & .co - these domains have grown in popularity around the world & are commonly used by startup companies. Even Zalo, made by one of the top tech companies in Vietnam - VNG, uses the .me TLD for their main messaging application & most recently they again chose to use the .me TLD for their new video conferencing application, Zavi.

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