You can read how I find & value domains with different tools. The sweet spot is finding good 2-word domains that go well together.

Ok here's the list of domains expiring soon that I like

Drop Date - Jan 12 2020

  • Here's another education related .ORG domain name like
  • I like these 2 words together because it makes me think of the desks used in elementary school where we stored our supplies and homework.
  • This name could many different things.
  • A few ideas - a study resources and content website for students and parents to help with homework; content website for teachers and school administrators to stay up to date on the education industry, a SaaS tool for teachers to create and assign homework to their class. Also could be a name for a direct-to-consumer school supplies company. Endless applications.

Drop Date - Jan 12 2020

  • This could be a content website to share industry news around data analytics and statistics.
  • It could be a fun site that lists interesting stats in the world now and also historically (ie "on this day ...").

Drop Date - Jan 12 2020

  • This domain name sounds like your planning companion - the tool to help you plan anything.
  • Low technology solution could be a content site full of resources and ideas to plan trips and events with family and friends.
  • It could also be a great brandable name for a SaaS company creating planning tools for businesses. Agile & Scrum practices are taking hold in many more industries and companies so there will be lots of customer niches that need and will buy new software to solve their unique problems.

Drop Date - Jan 12 2020

  • Dot for technology (ie dotcom boom & bust).
  • My first thought when seeing this domain name was coming soon pages for tech products or features in development soon to launch - like Product Hunt's Ship product.
  • It could also be a simple countdown landing page generator for any future event with built in marketing tools (ie email, simple tracking). Make it free and charge for more than X number of pages and possibly custom domains.

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