You can read how I find & value domains with different tools. The sweet spot is finding good 2-word domains that go well together.

Ok here's the list of domains expiring soon that I like:

Drop Date - Jan 4 2020

  • Create a simple website listing out tools that help businesses manage promotions through different marketing channels - website, email, push notifications, social media, coupons.
  • Educate people about running promotions in an online first world.
  • Create your own tool for managing and tracking ongoing promotions.

Drop Date - Jan 6 2020

  • Perfect domain name to help people manage the numerous subscriptions they have as most businesses have moved to subscription based business models.
  • Help individuals track all their subscriptions across numerous services and remind them of important dates for billing.
  • Take it a step further and help finance leaders at businesses manage and track subscriptions or business contracts that have renewals across the business. It can help them see them see all the recurring costs to see what can be cut and/or see if they can move to other vendors to save money.

Drop Date - Jan 6 2020

  • Provice in-depth guides and documentation to help people configure anything or a specific thing.
  • Create a service or product to help developers & businesses setup important workflows to deliver faster.

Drop Date - Jan 6 2020

  • This would be a great name for a product management or healthcare app.
  • A designer friend told me it's important to focus on the outcome and not a solution when solving a problem for a user.
  • This could be any product that helps stakeholders set an outcome and track the progress for a user.

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