You can read how I find & value domains with different tools. The sweet spot is finding good 2-word domains that go well together.

Ok here's the list of domains expiring soon that I like:

Drop Date - Jan 2 2020

  • This a fun brandable name for a company/product for the education industry.
  • From Wikipedia: "According to the theory of Karma, what happens to a person, happens because they caused it with their actions."
  • Schools have been forced to evolve quickly in 2020 because of Covid-19.
  • Talk to school administrators, teachers, students, and parents to find new problems to solve in a future where snow days may no longer exist 😱.
  • This could be a SaaS application to help school administrators organize data about schools in their school districts to make better decisions that impact all teachers, students, and parents.

Drop Date - Jan 2 2020

  • This is another positive brandable name for the education industry because of the study keyword.
  • The goal of this website/product could be to ease the anxiety caused from studying for tests & doing homework for school - make studying something you love.
  • Start with providing content about study tips and encourage people to share with others when and how they study.
  • It could be also be a direct-to-consumer brand selling school supplies for studying - notebooks, note cards, markers, flashcards etc.

Drop Date - Jan 2 2020

  • One more positive brandable name but for family related products.
  • Help people connect with their family members better and be each others cheerleaders - immediate family & extended family.
  • Make it easy for people to send positive digital and snail mail messages to their family members.

Drop Date - Jan 2 2020

  • This name is 2 things to me - a sales process tool and promotion tracking tool.
  • The first - Create a B2B tool that allows business sales teams to build and share their sales processes internally to track best practices and where to improve.
  • The second - Help businesses set and track their promotional pricing (retail or software products), help them make sales more efficient and standardize their decision making process when setting deals for customers.

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