Some days I don't see many domain names I like that have a chance of being overlooked by others. And some days the domain names can skew very tech heavy given my background and interests.

You can read how I find & value domains with different tools. The sweet spot is finding good 2-word domains that go well together. Also, if you do this sleuthing yourself focus on industries or things you actually know something about.

Ok here's the list of domains expiring soon that I like:

Drop Date - Dec 23 2020

  • I picked this domain because I'm a software developer, SW - software. SW could also stand for the southwest region - good if you're a developer freelancer/agency based in that region.
  • This domain would be great for an individual person to brand themselves.
  • It could also be used an educational website for people to learn coding and share content on becoming or leveling up as a software developer.

Drop Date - Dec 23 2020

  • I've spent time living abroad in Vietnam which requires visas to be there and also recently went through the US visa process with my wife, so I know how much opportunity there is when it comes to Visas.
  • I like this name because its a brandable name but also contains the word Visa. I like Vu because it makes me think of déjà vu ("already seen" in English). So Visa Vu - Visa "seen".
  • This could be a website providing all the resources and information you need related to acquiring visas to specific countries or any country with visas.

Drop Date - Dec 23 2020

  • I like this name for 2 different uses - reviewing craft beers and crafts (as in "arts & crafts")
  • I like that neither word is plural, the name sounds like a professional publication - "Check out the Craft Review for more information".

Drop Date - Dec 23 2020

  • This name is shorter so possibly may not be overlooked by others.
  • I like this name because I hang out on the community & I consider myself a "hacker" because I like to make things.
  • The most obvious use for this domain name is for a community of hackers/coders/techies and possibly a place to learn coding.
  • It could also be used beyond tech to include people who want to hack anything - like "life hackers" - so it could be very DIY focused.
  • Although a strong brandable name in .COM, I don't necessarily like the name missing the 'e' mainly because it would be a tad harder for word of mouth sharing. But if the audience is techies a lot of us are used to hacking names that end with 'er'.

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