I love finding domains that have potential and may be overlooked by others.

When buying a domain, I get excited about it because I can see what it could become and know if I dropped everything I could develop it into something. That's not realistic. Instead of obsessing and buying lots of domains I thought I'd highlight 3-10 domains everyday expiring soon. I'll share why I picked them and how I see some of them potentially being developed.

You can read how I find & value domains with different tools. The sweet spot is finding good 2-word domains that go well together. Also, if you do this sleuthing yourself focus on industries or things you actually know something about.

Here's what I know about domains dropping:

  • A majority of the scheduled .COM domains to be deleted, drop everyday from 6-7pm UTC timezone - so 1-2pm Central Time Zone for me
  • .ORG domains are deleted earlier in the day (and easier to register if they aren't one word domains) - I generally don't go for .ORG domains but I got a few .ORG domains recently that I really like because I see future potential for them - DataJobs.org & ProductStudio.org
  • Once a domain is deleted/dropped it immediately can be registered again
  • People use backordering services such as SnapNames.com, DropCatch.com, or Park.io to catch domains because a programming script does it for you (you can't beat a computer at this)
  • If more than one backorder is placed for a given domain, it will enter into an auction where the cost of the domain could skyrocket
  • The true diamonds in the rough are the ones no one backorders - then you can actually register these yourself for the regular domain registration fee
  • Everyday around 8pm Central Time, you can easily review domains that are "Pending Delete" within about 5 days on ExpiredDomains.net - that's where I'll be pulling these domain names

Ok here's the first list of domains expiring soon that I like:


Drop Date - Dec 18th 2020

  • This to me is a great Saas app/business name that could apply to numerous industries and businesses.
  • I'm a fan of the usage of subdomains for individual B2B customers so you could sell a data dashboard service (maybe for sales or marketing leaders) & let them use COMPANY.resultsboard.com to easily share results with stakeholders in the company.
  • This could also be a solution for sports/fitness events such as 5K & marathon races where people want to track their race results after finishing.
  • Normally I'd like the singular version of a word but in this case I believe "results" is better than "result".


Drop Date - Dec 22nd 2020

  • My early career was in telecom so domains related to the industry catch my eye.
  • This one is special with the word cloud at the end. With that word, this domain probably won't be overlooked.
  • Doing a quick search online, I see that this is a heavily used industry term used by many big tech companies.
  • A telco cloud is a cloud environment optimised for telco workloads.


Drop Date - Dec 22nd 2020

  • I love minimalism and this is a great brandable name, I like the -ish ending like something is kind of minimal.
  • This could be a company or product focused at helping people organize their lives by selling their extra things, or possibly organizing their finances to save for more important big purchases.
  • It could be an educational lifestyle company providing content focused on transitioning to a minimalistic lifestyle gradually.


Drop Date - Dec 22nd 2020

  • Maybe a bit literal, but this could be a simple or complex tool to help rental property hosts be more prepared for having guests.
  • It possibly could be linked to hosting parties or big events. It could be the event planning tool and also provide suggestions within the tool to help complete/fulfill items on the checklist (ie "Find caterer" - would provide a list of registered caterers in the area around the event)

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